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Career Counselling
STEP 1. GET THE CLARITY. Understand exactly WHAT role you WANT. Assess all your skills and understand what role you CAN get. Determine whether it will PAY and is ON DEMAND in your market.

Most people seek jobs without even knowing what to look for, and it is only when they get hired that they realize it is not what they wanted.

Get a higher rate of resume response by being the right candidate every time you apply.

STEP 2. PLAN. Determine what role you can apply for right NOW without necessarily going back to school and wasting your time.

Candidates often don't get interview invitations, because they apply for a wrong seniority level (overqualified or underqualified), get discouraged and decide to start a new career from scratch.

Set the GOALS to get additional skills while working and launch the process of getting promoted to your next level.

STEP 3. CREATE YOUR BRAND. Be able to describe your professional value to anyone in 30 seconds.

When asked, candidates often cannot clearly explain who they are (sometimes even to themselves).

Have your ELEVATOR PITCH handy at any point of your life, so the right employer will know you are the person they want.
Job Search
STEP 1. BUILD YOUR RESUME, LINKEDIN, COVER LETTER and other marketing materials. 95% of applicants have a generic resume, often written by "special" services.

Only on average 2% of candidates are being invited for an interview. There are on average 200-700 applicants for each opening. Even if the resume gets through the HR scanner, the recruiter has on average 6 seconds to decide.

Improve your resume not to just pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), but to catch the recruiter's attention with industry-relevant achievements and professional charm.

STEP 2. DESIGN YOUR NETWORK. Get access to hidden job posts and professional insights, that none of the career experts can do for you.

Job seekers don't use opportunities to connect with people, because they simply don't know how to use them, thus feeling uncomfortable.

Boost your professional profile by getting "insider" information, get referenced and dramatically increase your chances to get hired.


People often send applications in a chaotic way and by using the standard "apply" button, which gets them to the bottom of the candidate pool; with no results, they get demotivated and decide to stay where they are (because it's safe).

Speed up the application process by staying productive and organized without making unnecessary steps; get fast results, that will explode your motivation.
Interview Prep

Candidates usually prepare generic, expected answers that a recruiter hears from almost every interviewee. Even most experienced professionals are surprised when they receive case study questions.

Stop shaking before and after each interview like it's going to be your last chance. Take control of the conversation and be ready to answer by knowing the reasons behind questions and creating strong scripts in advance.
After Employment Counselling
Having difficulties at work? Explain your situation to a career coach and get professional guidance.
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How it works
Start your journey with a career coach and/or consultant by scheduling a Zoom call and setting up your goals.
Finish assignments received from your career counsellor and meet with a career coach via Zoom to work on achieving your goals. Number of assignments and Zoom sessions will depend on your needs that are discussed during the call in STEP 2.
Use these skills for the rest of your life every time you want to change an employer or your career path.
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We work with schools and other training institutions to teach students to be successful in their career journey.

Please email your inquiry at valery@adapt-west.com to discuss your company training needs and get more details.

Examples of trainings offered:

Industry positioning and candidate personal branding
Career path and job search planning
Resume, portfolio, and cover letter writing
LinkedIn makeover and professional network strategy
Interview and salary negotiation
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